「確実にゴミ箱を空にする」を実行しても空にできない場合の対処方の一つが、Mac OSX Hintsに掲載されていました。聞いたことがない内容だったのでメモ。


Sometimes it is not possible to empty the trash because an item is in use. There are many possible causes for this; here is one thing to try to eliminate the error.
  • Go to Finder and select Finder » Secure Empty Trash.
  • If this operation gets stuck, open the Activity Monitor utility and force quit the Locum process.
    Enter your admin password when requested.
  • Go back to Finder and select Finder » Empty Trash.
This fixed it for me.
Cannot empty trash because item is in use - Mac OS X Hintsより抜粋。



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